Electrician North Shore

Electrician North Shore

Your Reliable Electrician on the North Shore

Our highly qualified electrician covers all aspects of commercial and residential electrical jobs on the North Shore. We are a team of experienced and skilled electricians that strive to work efficiently and effectively to deliver timely work. The owner, Steven, is the only member of the team. This means that you will deal directly with the owner. Steven has over ten years of experience, and you can expect him to deliver quality work. Frawley Electrical is a family-owned and operated business that provides unmatched workmanship and excellent customer service.

Our customers are the backbone of the company, so we strive to handle your electrical work the right way, not the easy way. Stephen offers personalised services since he understands that no two clients have the same priorities. He will listen to you and provide professional advice depending on the job. Do not hesitate to call us if you have any electrical problems.

Professional Electrician on the North Shore

No job is too big or small for our electrician on the North Shore. Whether you have a wiring project or wish to add new power points to your home, we guarantee to complete your work to the highest standards. We are your one-stop shop for electrical repairs. You can contact us if your power goes out, and we will come promptly, so you do not stay in the dark. We have the right equipment and skills to solve your problem and prevent it from reoccurring.

We can also help you with home networking and data needs, from additional data points to mounting TVs and audio-visual equipment. We have you covered for all your electrical needs if you are considering starting a new project. We are the team to call whether you need wiring installed in your new extension or complete wiring for a new home. Please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Electrician North Shore
Electrician North Shore

Reasons to Work with Our Electrician on the North Shore

While you can do some home repairs yourself, you must call an experienced electrician on the North Shore whenever you have an electric problem. Here are some reasons to contact us when you have an electrical issue.

  • Safety
    The primary reason you should call our expert is for your family and property’s safety. Working with electricity is dangerous, and you need an electrician to approach it with the right expertise.
  • Cost
    DIY electrical repairs end up becoming more expensive than if you would have called a professional.
  • Certification
    We have the proper education, training, and license to deliver high electrical standards. Our licence and certificate guarantee you that we are professionals.
  • Peace of Mind
    Hiring a professional gives you peace of mind that the problem will not reoccur. An expert will inspect your home and detect other issues you may not have known.

Please call our electrician on the North Shore if you have an electrical repair you need taking care of.