Electrician Turramurra

Electrician Turramurra

Professional Electrician Servicing the Turramurra Area

If you are a home or business owner in Turramurra battling electrical issues, our local electrician can help. We are an experienced business with over ten years in the industry dedicated to helping you face your electrical problems. The time comes and goes, and areas in your home become outdated and require modern solutions. The tricky part about electrical systems is that you cannot see the wiring and systems behind your wall, ceilings or floor. This is why you need a qualified electrician in Turramurra to help you diagnose and fix electrical issues.

Frawley Electrical is a family-owned business dedicated to offering quality and world-class customer services. We are a local company, so you can expect us to arrive on time, provide affordable solutions, and leave the work area clean and tidy. Our electrician also offers up-front quotes to avoid surprises after completing the work. Contact our team today for second-to-none services.

Signs That You Need an Electrician in Turramurra

Electrical work is serious, and that is why you require our Turramurra electrician to solve them for you. Electrical malfunctions are among the leading causes of fires, so you should never ignore any minor problem. Here are some warning signs that you need a professional electrician.

  • Exposed Wires
    Any exposed wire is a safety hazard for your loved ones or employees. Whether you have some cables that have slipped out of their protective housing or an electric box that won’t close, it needs to be resolved immediately for everyone’s safety.
  • Sparkling Outlets
    This may seem like a minor issue, but there can be a severe risk of electrical short. Stop using an outlet, switch, or fixture if it has sparked. Call our professional for a quick repair.
  • Burning Smell
    Any time you notice a burning smell from your appliance, you must stop what you are doing and disconnect the electricity. The burning smell could start an electrical fire.
Electrician Turramurra
Electrician Turramurra

Contacting Our Electrician in Turramurra

Our experienced electrician in Turramurra recommends calling a professional whenever you notice any problem with your electrical system. We offer various services, from repairs to home renovation, switchboard upgrades, and hot water systems. Our electrician comes with a fully stocked van to address your challenges quickly and efficiently. Unexpected power loss can interrupt your day and inconvenience you. Power loss can also negatively impact your business, especially if you rely on electricity to run machinery and other operations. For these reasons, you need a qualified electrician on your speed dial.

We have provided Turramurra residents with electrical solutions for many years, so you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. The best thing is that you will deal directly with the owner. You will enjoy personalised services, and you can feel free to ask any questions. We offer sound advice, and our solutions are durable.

Contact the Frawley Electrical team to have our experienced and qualified electrician service your needs in Turramurra.